Businessman & Maecenas from Azerbaijan
september 27th, 2017

Why is Golf not just an elitist sport?

Typically referred to as ‘the gentleman’s sport’, golf carries with it many erroneous connotations. It is often perceived that golfers have surplus time on their hands along with spare money to pay out. Though, it is not completely true that the world of golf is walled-off to the common people.

Over the years, the game has become synonymous with the social and economic status of players. We usually think of golfers, having ample leisure time, and the means to afford posh clubs, tee times, and sportive accessories. However, the reality is that anyone can play golf, if given the right opportunity.

For instance, Myanmar’s Aung Win is one of the hosts of poor caddies-turned-pros, who led the way in golf, a sport that clutched him during childhood. As an impoverished 10-year-old, Aung Win struggled for money by amassing balls on a parched Myanmar golf course.

But he never dreamt of playing the game professionally, let alone in his country, where golf has long been reserved by the top military brass and the ultra-rich. At 36, he displayed his remarkable performance at the Leopalace21 Myanmar Open 2016, where he was the highest finisher among the home players, winning appreciation and a hefty amount.

Similarly, to bridge this gap, we, at Azerbaijan Golf Federation (AGF), have launched country-wide initiatives ( to bring more commoners into the game. All of these initiatives are aimed at promoting golf by explaining the pros of the game, and providing access to golf courses in the country.

It’s this sense of passion that Azerbaijan Golf Federation nurtures in the young people, and encourages them to take up the sport. Through participation in golf, we offer access to a world of opportunities, both on and off the course. After all, it’s not just about giving people a new sport to play. It’s about guiding them on the path of opportunities to grow in places they might have never thought before.