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february 27th, 2015

Khojaly awareness campaign continues in the United States - PHOTO + VIDEO

The awareness campaign on events in Khojaly held annually on the initiative of the founder of the Azerbaijan America Alliance Anar Mammadov continues in the United States.

The campaign which started in New York currently continues in Washington.

The next direction of the campaign includes the graphic images titled ‘Justice for Khojaly… Human tragedy against Azerbaijan’ which are projected on the walls of the buildings at the central streets of Washington, the city which represents an exceptional importance from both political and strategic point of views. In particular, the logo of the campaign and statistical data, informing Americans about what really happened in Khojaly are projected on the walls of the buildings in the evenings, in crowded places. In addition, posters are set on the buses touring the city center. This campaign will last for three weeks during which Americans will receive information about the scales of the terrible tragedy which occurred in Khojaly.

Another important stage of the campaign took place on 23 February: over 100 Americans marched along the streets of Washington with the purpose of expressing their protest against the atrocities committed in Khojaly. Such actions called ‘Walking billboard’ are very effective in places where many pedestrians usually gather. Such marches are aimed at attracting people’s attention at the streets where there is usually no traffic.

The participants came out with billboards ‘Justice for Khojaly…’, ‘Genocide committed 23 years ago’, ‘Human tragedy against Azerbaijan’ and handed flyers and brochures to people making stops opposite the major state institutions. 
The White House became one of the main points of the route which the rally participants followed. Various campaigns and actions of protest are traditionally held opposite the White House. This time, the people who gathered near the building demonstrated their attitude to genocide in Khojaly which was committed 23 years ago.

The founder of the Azerbaijan America Alliance, campaign initiator Anar Mammadov told Oxu.Az about this rally and the campaign on the 23rd anniversary of genocide: 

“It has been the fourth consecutive year that we hold the Khojaly awareness campaign, as the one of the bloodiest pages in the history of not only Azerbaijan but also the contemporary world in the United States. From the first year we tried to inform the people about the scales of this tragedy in the most optimal, available form, inventing different ways for this. Every year we introduce specific innovations and, thus, we expand the scale of the campaign called ‘Justice for Khojaly… Human tragedy against Azerbaijan”.

We are trying to hold the campaign in the strategically important states. New York and Washington are the priorities for us. The Times Square and Broadway street are among the most popular places not only in New York and the United States but also across the world. Holding the campaign in these places is aimed at bringing information about this tragedy to the attention of as many people as possible.

Bringing the truth about events in Khojaly to the attention of the residents of Washington which is home to strategically important institutions from the residence of the US president to the main representative offices of all the three branches of Federal government, diplomatic representations and head offices of the international organizations are among the main goals set by the alliance during this campaign.

The rally held in Washington is a novelty which we have introduced this year. As you see, the action involves local residents. Thus, they want to show their attitude to these events”.

The multimedia campaign of the Azerbaijan America Alliance seeks to attain the world recognition of the tragedy in Khojaly as the genocide of the Azerbaijani people.

The official slogan of Washington sounds like ‘Justice for All’.

The Khojaly awareness campaign in the United States is to last until March.

The information about the process of the action is available at the Alliance and at