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june 9th, 2014

First national golf tournament in Azerbaijan - PHOTOS

A new page titled ‘golf’ opened in the sporting history of Azerbaijan two years ago.

Major events to develop this sport were launched in Azerbaijan with the establishment of the Azerbaijan Golf Federation, led by Anar Mammadov, in 2012.

The administrative building of the Federation, national golf-club in Guba and National Golf Academy in Baku were built within a short period of time. The pupils of the Baku schools started to learn playing golf owing to the works held in this direction.

Owing to the close cooperation with the foreign golf federations, international tournaments in our country became a reality.

But the first national tournament at the National golf-club in Baku in memory of national leader Heydar Aliyev became the most remarkable event in the history of golf in our country.

President of the Azerbaijan Golf Federation Anar Mammadov said at the opening ceremony that conduction of such a grandiose event in Azerbaijan, for the first time in the South Caucasus, became the first step of our country in the world of big golf.

“Beginning with this tournament, in the future our country will host major, large-scale tournaments”, Mammadov said.

Thus, the first grandiose golf tournament in memory of the National Leader started at the National golf-club in Guba.

In the tournament which involved 50 people including 44 men and 6 women from different countries as Australia, Great Britain, Turkey, Georgia, our country was represented by 22-year-old Kamran Zeynalov, who studied in Scotland, trainer of the Azerbaijan Golf Federation Emin Zeynalov and other trainers of the Federation-Elshan Guliyev and Rantik Guliyev.

The strained competition caused the interest of the audience including such famous personalities as brothers Tahir and Jabir Imanov, Murad Dadashov and others. The competition ended in a confident victory of Turkish golf player Mahmut Koylu.

Yong Wan Kim of South Korea and Richard Charles of England won the second and the third places.

President of the Azerbaijan Golf Federation Anar Mammadov personally congratulated the winners at the event closing ceremony held at the Le Coquet restaurant and presented a Cup to the first place winner.

Mahmut Koylu thanked for the organization of such a grandiose event and stressed the importance of developing golf in Azerbaijan.

“We are happy with the successes of the fraternal country. I am happy to have taken part in the golf tournament in Azerbaijan today. This is yet another proof of the high development of all kinds of sports in the fraternal country”.

A grandiose reception and fireworks marked the end of the tournament.

An important factor which attracts attention to the National golf-club in Guba was that the club employees were hired from among local residents. Young residents of Guba, who studied both in our country and abroad, were employed by the National golf-club.

This is yet another proof of the statement by the Federation president, Anar Mammadov who said earlier:
“Creation of the National golf-club in Guba will promote new jobs”.

Another moment that attracted attention at the tournament was that there were many foreign tourists among the viewers. The guests noted that they enjoyed the incredible beauty of Azerbaijani nature, highly praised the conditions created at the National Golf-Club and stressed the plans to visit this region again.

Thus, the Azerbaijan Golf Federation which has successfully concluded the first National Golf Tournament in the history of our country is preparing to host new events in the future.

In line with the agreements signed between the Azerbaijan Golf Federation and International ‘European Tour’, already in August, if exactly, from 30 July until 3 August, the 18-field course of the National Golf-Club will be hosting a prestigious gold tournament-Challenge Tour.

Though little is left to the tournament, much is yet to be done. But the high level organization of the first national tournament in Guba gives the ground to state that the upcoming grandiose contest will be another big sporting event.