Businessman & Maecenas from Azerbaijan
september 13th, 2017

Consul of Macedonia in Azerbaijan- Anar Mammadov applauds growing bilateral relations

Azerbaijan and Macedonia recently held talks to discuss bilateral ties between the two nations.Anar Mammadov−a renowned businessman from Azerbaijan – is very positive about the diplomatic talks. He believes, the meeting between Azerbaijan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Turkey and Macedonia Ambassador ignites hope of great development for the nation.

Praising the talks that discussed bilateral cooperation between Azerbaijan and Macedonia, Mr Mammadov says that his country needs a big developmental push.

The founder of one of the biggest group of companies in Azerbaijan - Garant Holding−Mr Mammadov is enthusiastic about the fact that the two nations have emphasized the importance of deepening political relations for bettering economic cooperation. Also, it attracts logistical as well political support from abroad. Case in point is Macedonia, which is supporting Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Highlighting the constructive impact onAzerbaijan,Anar Mammadov says that the relationship will stimulate business initiatives, besides creating new opportunities and growth of bilateral trade relations. The bilateral talk that was attended by companies operating in various fields−such as agriculture, construction, food and health− will determinecollaboration on new fields.

Mr Mammadov affirms: “A solid political foundation will ensure setting up ofbigger trade and economic cooperation. Such bilateral ties pave the way for great potential in economic relations. And we Azerbaijani’sshould not let go off opportunities like these to empower our country.”

Anar Mammadov was appointed the honorary consul of Macedonia in Azerbaijan in 2015. The statement appointing him as the consul had read: “For the purpose of unimpeded performance of his function and with the aim of further development and strengthening of the existing bonds of mutual friendship and of the overall relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, I kindly ask Your Excellency to enable MrAnar Mammadov, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia in the Republic of Azerbaijan.”