Businessman & Maecenas from Azerbaijan
april 10th, 2012

Brain drain reversed in Azerbaijan, youth forum hears

The ASAIF forum called ‘I am a young ambassador’ was held in Hungarian Budapest on 6-7 April.

Sharing his impressions of the event, the founder of the Azerbaijani-American Association (AAA) Anar Mammadov said that he was pleased with what he saw on the forum.

"At this event I saw so many young people gathered together, studying abroad, who love their country and see the goal clearly. Today we can say that these young people are an indispensable foundation of modern management technique", he said.

According to him, the dynamically developing economy of Azerbaijan is experiencing a need for these young people. Noting that his business structures of Azerbaijan hires Azerbaijani graduates of foreign universities, Mammadov stressed that these are necessary conditions, and pointed to the importance that young Azerbaijani professionals educated in other countries should use their skills in Azerbaijan rather than abroad.

"At a forum in Budapest Qarant Sygorta, Qarant Invest, and Bank of Azerbaijan created a career stand and offered career opportunities for Azerbaijani youth studying abroad.

About 200 students in the forum approached the booth, along with getting information about companies, filled out a questionnaire and asked these companies for employment. In the future, the human resources department of these companies will contact these students and view their employment opportunities to suitable vacancies. Young people should be more active in promoting the Azerbaijani realities in the world ", said Mammadov.

Earlier, speaking at a forum in Budapest, founder of the Azerbaijani-American Association said that if 10-15 years ago there was a "brain drain" from Azerbaijan, now, on the contrary, the leading specialists in America, Europe and Turkey are coming to work in Azerbaijan.

"American and European experts that face problems of unemployment in the country of residence tend to work in our country. The time has come for our students to take those places. I am confident that upon completion of study abroad you will return home and will serve to strengthen it further”, he said addressing the young people.