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august 18th, 2015

Anar Mammadov to visit the United States

The Azerbaijan America Alliance has disseminated information.

Anar Mammadov, head of the Azerbaijan America Alliance, founded in the United States and functioning in this country, is to pay a visit to Washington on occasion of the 97th anniversary of liberation of Baku from Armenian dashnaks.

Oxu.Az reports citing the press service for the alliance that the visit which will be held in anticipation of the anniversary of 11 September tragedy will mostly be aimed at provision of detailed information about the struggle of Azerbaijani people for the liberation of Baku from Armenian dashnaks, Armenian terrorists and the genocide committed by dashnaks against our people on 15 September 1918.

Meetings with a number of renowned US congressmen and senators are scheduled within the framework of the visit. 

It has to be noted that 97 years ago on 15 September of 1918 the Caucasus Islam army and Azerbaijan corps led by Nuru Pasha entered Baku and liberated it from the occupation of Armenian bolsheviks.

This ensured the independence of Azerbaijan and ended the rule of Armenians and Bolsheviks in Baku and surrounding districts. Liberation of Baku from Armenian-Bolshevik occupation was one of the most glorious pages in the history of Azerbaijan in the 20th century.

Though Azerbaijan was declared independent in May of 1918, part of the country, Baku and surrounding regions, remained under the Armenian-Bolshevik occupation.

Despite being in an uneasy state, the Caucasus Islam Army, prepared with the support of fraternal Turkey, led by Nuru Pasha and composed of Azerbaijani and Turkish soldiers, entered Baku after fierce fightings on 15 September and united the whole area of Azerbaijan under the three-color flag of the People's Republic.

It has to be noted that this is not the first large-scale event organized abroad by the Azerbaijan America Alliance, including its leader Anar Mammadov, for the purpose of informing the United States, which is considered a superpower, about the realities of Azerbaijan.

Over the past four years the Alliance has been doing a lot to inform the United States about the realities of a great tragedy of Azerbaijani people- the Khojaly genocide, which went down into the history of the country with black letters. 

Millions of people in big US cities as New York and Washington watched the posters entitled 'Khojaly... Great tragedy against Azerbaijan', 'Justice for Khojaly'. 

In addition, one of the main tasks set by the Alliance in this campaign is to bring the Khojaly genocide and its realities to the attention of all strategic objects in Washington from the US presidential residence to the main offices of the three branches of Federal power, diplomatic offices and headquarters of international organizations.

The alliance also joined the groundbreaking ceremony of the memorial complex to heroes of flight No 93 - the victims of the terrorist attack - in order to stress that the people of Azerbaijan, who have been suffering from Armenian terror for already long years and whose 20% territories are held under Armenian occupation, share the grief of the US people regarding the 11 September terrorist attacks. 

The people of Azerbaijan made a great contribution to construction of this memorial complex by making their donations via the Azerbaijan America Alliance.

Birch trees were planted on both sides of the road leading to the Guests' Center of the Memorial complex on the initiative of the founder and president of the Azerbaijan America Alliance, Anar Mammadov.

The Azerbaijan America Alliance, founded in May 2011, is a non-partisan, non-profit organization which seeks to develop closer Azeri-American bonds through engaging citizens of both nations who are active in the arts and cultural organizations, business, academia and politics, encouraging social, cultural, and political discourse on behalf of citizens and groups interested in issues that are pertain to, the relationship between the United States and Azerbaijan, as well as educating policy makers and industry leaders about critical and complex issues that are important to fostering a board array of relationships between the United States and Azerbaijan.

The mission of the Alliance is to foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect between the people of Azerbaijan and America. Through academic discussion, cultural programming, and political discourse, the Alliance aims to become the premier organization dedicated to promoting a lasting partnership between Azerbaijan and America.