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september 5th, 2017

Anar Mammadov calls Women Golf the next big thing in Azerbaijan

The last few years have been significant in establishing golf as a sport for women in Azerbaijan. It mainly accounts to the persistent efforts of Anar Mammadov, the exponent of Azerbaijan Golf Industry who aims to make the Caucasian country a golf hotspot by year 2025. This move is reckoned as a herald of radical change for women in Azerbaijan.

At present, Azerbaijan is flourishing on many levels, while enhancing its global stature. Amidst all the developments that have taken place in the country, sports has emerged as one of the most influential sectors. The country’s rise to prominence in the past few years has been remarkable, with the former Soviet state gradually emerging as a key destination for major events. The Land of Fire is also well-known for organizing grand sports events, such as the World and European Championships. Set to take place in 2020, the UEFA European Championship will be held at Baku, the capital.

Various initiatives have been launched by Anar Mammadov to foster a sporting culture more conducive to the involvement of women in Azerbaijan. Apart from this, several supportive campaigns have been driven by clubs, teams and independent enthusiasts to promote ventures in women’s sport, especially golf.

The growing popularity of the game has led to the launch of various golf courts in the country. In the wake of this, the Azerbaijan Golf Federation was set up in 2012 to expand the reach of golf to the masses. Owing to the developments in sports, students of Baku schools were encouraged to take up golfing. Numerous sports programs, such as ‘SNAG’ (Start New At Golf) were also being conducted by AGF to popularize golf across the country.  Also, sports complexes, such as the Olympic Stadium, the Grand Palace of Water Sports, the Gymnastics Center, and Center for Trap Shooting are being constructed in Baku.

As a robust move for promoting the world's greatest sport, Anar Mammadov is looking forward to make enormous investment in both, the existing as well as new sports facilities for golf in Azerbaijan. Talking about the National Golf Tournament held at the National Golf-Club in 2014, he affirmed, “This event will make a great contribution to the development of golf in our country.”

Explaining the broader prospects, Mr Mammadov further added, “Hosting such a grandiose event in Azerbaijan for the first time in the South Caucasus will be the first step of our country into the world of big golf. Beginning with this tournament, our country will host bigger events. Today, the National Golf Club created in Guba fully responds to the world and European standards. Also, the quality of works carried by foreign specialists is assessed as high.”

He further emphasized on the relationship between such events and the development of the country’s tourism potential: “Arrangement of such an event in one of the most picturesque regions of Azerbaijan, Guba will promote the flow of foreign tourists to the region and give a big push to tourism in the region.”

Attaining commendable success in promoting golf in Azerbaijan, Anar Mammadov is all geared up to extend its benefits to women. He is striving to enhance the logistics of golf through special programs for women involved in this sphere.

Certainly, the deluge of golf initiatives taken for women by Mr Mammadov will broaden the horizon of Azerbaijan’s sports community. Its’ potential efficacy holds a testimony to the fact that it has sown a rich field for the country’s future.