Businessman & Maecenas from Azerbaijan
october 2nd, 2017

Anar Mammadov: Azerbaijan-America Alliance a powerful symbol of enduring political relations

For Anar Mammadov, an Azeri entrepreneur, 2013 was a groundbreaking year, as his company Garant Holding made it tough for competitors to emerge. In the same year, he became the flag-bearer of Azerbaijan-America Alliance, and witnessed his dream of having an international golf tournament being held in his home country, come true.

These constructive developments, instituted by Anar Mammadov, boosted the economic development and tourism in Azerbaijan. For his earnest endeavors, Mr Mammadov was honored with the “Gold Man of the Year Award,” by Turkish Media conglomerate, Ipek Yolu International Media Group.

Born in Baku, on April 26, 1981, the founder of Azerbaijan America Alliance—Anar Mammadov attended Baku State University, earning a Bachelor of Law Degree. He further pursued his education at the American Intercontinental University in London, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree and a Master’s in Business Administration Degree.

Garant Holding, previously known as ZQAN Holding, was Mr Mammadov’s outset in the world of business, in 2005. Today, it has grown into a conglomerate, comprising of 33 business enterprises, spanning across various sectors like telecommunications, real estate, construction, hotels and logistics. It was rebranded as Garant Holding in 2013 and is one of the country’s leading employers with 7,200 employees and is powering the socio-economic progress in Azerbaijan.

Anar Mammadov believes that the Azerbaijan-America Alliance is a powerful symbol of the enduring political relations that the two nations share. In 2011, he founded a nonprofit organization, Azerbaijan American Alliance, with an aim to enlighten Americans regarding the rich traditions, culture and history of Azerbaijan.

Every year, several activities are organized to promote the friendship and mutual respect amid the two countries. For example, an annual Gala Dinner was organized in Washington DC, where US political and academic dignitaries were invited to relish Azerbaijani authentic cuisines and enjoy traditional music of the country. The Alliance also recollects the saddening memory of massacre that befell the village of Khojaly in 1992, with the help of launching advertising campaigns in the US to increase the awareness of the event amongst Americans.

Encouraging the Azeri people to take up golf as a passion is one of the key missions of Anar Mammadov.

He has been instrumental in the establishment of the Azerbaijan Golf Federation (AGF) and National Golf Club. With the setting up of the country’s first golf academy, Anar Mammadov aspires to make golf a national pastime.